Thursday, 22 June 2017


I'm such a sucker for affordable makeup, especially when it turns out to be sooo good! I've had this palette for over a year now and its my best friend, it has some amazingly pigmented colours and it was under £5! I love my bright eyeshadows but sometimes its nice to go for a more neutral eye look, these colours are perfect as transition shades and you create some great looks with them, I love the orangey, warmer colours as they look so pretty on, especially with a bright blue pigment on the bottom lash line its one of my fave looks to do and looks great with blue eyes really making them pop! It does have a lot of fallout which is definitely a downside to it but for £5 you're not gonna get perfect, but it's so great for someone that's just trying out makeup for the first time and doesn't want to go for anything too out there. One thing I was worried about is whether the colour would actually stay for the whole day, so I tested it out with and without an eye primer and it didn't budge all day, the colour stays super pigmented for the whole day which is super amazing when it comes to eyeshadows. I definitely want to purchase some more 'cheapy' eyeshadows, even to just try them out! Let me know what you think! 

Gina x 

Monday, 19 June 2017


 Look 6 is a silver, jewel filled heaven, I wanted to go for a more of a basic look for festival goers that don't want to use lots of glitter, these gems are amazing if you want a quick, simple look that looks glitzy and cute! I picked them up from New Look and they have 3/4 designs to choose from, these are very ice queeny and they're so easy to use, they're already sticky but I used glitter glue just to make sure that they were secure, which is obviously super important for festivals! I used a fine silver glitter on my eyes, using glitter glue I coated my whole lid and patted on the glitter with a flat brush, making sure to cover my whole eye up to the crease this brought the whole look together and really made my eyes shine, this glitter is really great too as it washes off so easily! I really wanna try more looks out using face gems as they're so practical for festivals and events and they look so great, the good thing about these is that they're all individual gems so you can place them wherever you want. My fave part of this look is obviously the chunky glitter tears, I used my Festival Faces glitter mix in Silver Galaxy, a mixture of silver hexagons and fine glitter, it looks great if you want to do glitter tears that stand out! I added my Rimmel London Jess Woodley lipstick in '128' Starry Eyed, which just adds that little bit of colour that finishes the look! 

Gina x

Sunday, 18 June 2017


 I feel like Primark has a bad rep for their underwear selections as most of us will know they're deffo cheap but deffo not durable! They're great for basic underwear but they aren't going to last in the long run, so I was intrigued to purchase these bralettes! First of all they're super pretty and look so delicate on, they're really flattering and make you feel so sexy, which is so important because lingerie should never make you feel ugly! They range from £5 to £10 and come in so many colours, designs and styles. I've had the white bralette for over 2 months now and its still going strong, it is showing a few signs of wear and tear which I think is to be expected especially after getting washed so many times its always going to slightly fray (in the pic it looks like its slightly discoloured but its not it's just the lighting, promiseee). They all have adjustable straps which is honestly a life saver as I hate it when bras don't have them and you can never get the right fit! One thing I would say is be wary of the sizing, I've got a bigger bust so was worried about what size to get, the white and pink bralette are size 'M' and the green one is 'L' weirdly I feel like the 'M' bralettes fit me a lot better and are comfier than the 'L' one that is slightly smaller and doesn't fit as comfortably, also the green one has glittery thread in it which is so pretty but can irritate after a while especially as its a racer back, I find myself finding it slightly uncomfortable after a while. The great thing is that they all come with matching bottoms which are equally as cute so for £5/10 you're getting a whole underwear set that's pretty and will deffo last you. 

Gina x 

Sunday, 11 June 2017


 HEY GLITTER! I love these festival looks so much that I've got two in a row on the blog! I've been a bit absent with the blog this week due to just being so busy but I have so many ideas that I'm excited about, so stay tuned. This look is so pretty, like how glitzy is this glitter (insert *heart eye emoji*) a lush brand I found on Instagram kindly sent me some of their glitter and I've been so looking forward to creating a festi look with some of it! 'FestivalFacesGroup' sell such pretty glitter and face gems, so perfect for festivals and just makeup looks in general, I mean I would wear glitter everyday if I could! I was sent 3 pots from their new Jewel Collection: Silver Jewel Hexagons, Jewel Gold and Rose Gold, these are so great if you want to create quite detailed looks, as you can place each hexagon individually which I used for under my eyes, super holographic! I fell in love with the Sunrise Red glitter mix the purple hexagons are so perfect for bold, glitzy looks! I used the glitter fix to stick them on with a small brush which definitely takes some time but is so worth it, I did a pink, purple eye look and used a purple fine glitter for the inner corners of eyes. I love the glitter fix as I've found that a lot of glitter glues I've bought before are a bit touch and go on whether they actually stick the glitter to your face but this one was great especially for larger areas you want to cover. I've got other looks lined up using more glitter from Festival Faces which I can not wait for! I used the same glitter mix on my hair too which is so easy to apply with some hair gel and looks so pretty! How gorgeous are the other glitter mixes though! I just want to cover my whole face with them, more likes are coming soon! 
Check their website out here: festivalfacesgroup

Gina x
(Small Pots-Jewel Collection: Silver Jewel Hexagon, Jewel Gold, Rose Gold)
(L-R: Indigo Moon, Sunrise Red, Silver Galaxy, Unicorn Gold) 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Look 4 is here! I honestly love thinking up new looks every week, its so fun and gives me so many ideas for when I actually go to a festival! For this look I'm channeling a golden goddess with very simple base makeup because I wanted all the emphasis on the gold glitter, I mixed a chunkier glitter with a fine one to create more of a sparkly effect and I think it worked really well! I got eyelash extensions which I'm so happy about, they look so pretty and are honestly so easy to maintain and mean I don't have to worry about mascara in the mornings, also so worth it for festivals! I used a white eyeliner pencil to create the little lines that I think look really pretty against the gold, I'll definitely be purchasing a white liquid liner soon as I feel like it'll be so much easier to use and will create more defined neater lines. I used a simple gold shade on my eyes to bring the whole look together and used a nude lipstick as I didn't want anything too bright or dark. I'm super in love with this look as I feel like its so simple and easy to create but looks so glitzy and pretty! Look 5 is going to be super exciting so keep your glittery eyes open for that! 

Gina x 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


This swimsuit really makes me want to be on holiday! Primark have got some super cute swimsuits/bodysuits in at the moment and its making me super excited for summer! Had to pick this cutie up, and for £4 it was an absolute steal! Although its a swimsuit I really like wearing it as a bodysuit with high waisted jeans or a denim skirt, it looks really cute with some dainty chokers too. It has a really low back which is great for sunbathing, and its surprisingly very good quality which for £4 I did not expect, it super comfy and makes me figure look great too! I'm definitely going to be picking up more designs! 
This lip scrub from Lush is a saviour, I couldn't wait to start using it when I bought it and it smells so good! It honestly leaves my lips feeling so smooth, I love using it after my night skincare routine and follow it up with a nivea lip balm and my lips are so soft in the morning which is perfect before I apply my makeup, especially as I wear lipstick a lot and that can dry my lips out quite a bit. I had to choose bubblegum because it smells lushhh and tastes nice... I'm not even sure if you're supposed to lick it off but I shamelessly do! My boyfriend loves it too, hes always asking to use it!
How cute are these earrings that I made! I found these glittery pom poms in my craft box and thought they'd look great as a pair of earrings, I just added the earring components (i.e the little hooks) and super glued the bottom so they were very secure. They do look slightly christmassey but I love them so much that I'll still wear them whenever! 

Sunday, 4 June 2017


I was so excited to try these out when they came out! Mainly because I absolutely love changing up my hair colour, pastel shades being my favourite! So I couldn't wait to get my hands on these, Bleach London has always been my fave for temporary hair colours but I was curious to see how these would turn out, I went with #dirtypink and #purplehair as these were my safe colours, just in case I didn't like them! The #dirtypink shade lasts around a week depending on how much you wash your hair, I tried not to wash it as much as I usually do to preserve the colour but it did fade quite quickly which I expected as it was a very light pink, if you wanted to do all of your hair properly then I recommend buying two packs as I struggled with just one and my hair had slight blonde patches. I think its better used as an ombre shade or highlights which they do show on the back of the packaging. It was definitely cute whilst it lasted though! The #purplehair shade is a 2 week pastel that definitely lasts a lot longer than the pink, I still have it in my hair now! As you first apply the purple, it appears quite dark but after a few washes it tones down to a really pretty light purple shade that looks super cute! I did notice though that when I took pics the shades actually looked quite similar! When I have my hair in pretty shades I always feel like I wanna do more stuff with it like plaits and add accessories! Can not wait for festival season when I'll be trying out loads of different colours, let me know what you think I should try next!
Gina x

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